Learn why 'good vibes only' can be potentially harmful and how positivity can be toxic at times
Learn about habits that are good for your mental health, toxic positivity and proper apologies
Learn about crossing boundaries, putting your needs first and pleasing others
Learn about romantic life lessons, people-pleasing and how to say 'no' differently

February 2023

Learn about our cognitive biases, victim-blaming and the belief in a fair world
Learn about dealing with shame, if people get what they deserve and the benefits of crying

January 2023

Learn about reshaping negative thoughts with 'Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy'
Learn how to deal with childhood issues, challenging your beliefs and communicating assertively
Learn about what EQ is, which elements it consists of and how to improve it
Learn about relationship dynamics, what emotional intelligence is and how to help someone who suffers
Reflecting back on your mental health the past year and looking ahead by making new year resolutions
Questions to reflect on the past year, making new year resolutions and dealing with failure